Tuesday, February 19, 2013

A new adventure...

Last night a friend of mine and I were discussing the not-so-glamorous life that many of us quietly lead. I think in this age of digital media, Facebook & Pinterest we all expect to be perfect examples of spouses, employees, motherhood or whatever role you choose. Unfortunately there are not many examples of the very real struggles that many of us face daily. We have sickness, messy houses, crazy emotions, many hats to juggle! No one can be everything to everyone. I am undertaking what I'm calling "The (im)perfect Truth Project" - join me in sharing the crazy stuff that happens in your life so that the myth of the perfect woman doesn't leave us all feeling like we don't measure up!

Here's a little does of imperfection for this morning; in order to actually get dressed for the day I plopped my 14 month old in her bouncy seat and let her watch 20 minutes of tv. Now, in a perfect world this is a huge no, no. But as a mom you do what you can to get dressed in the morning (when you actually take the time to do so!) Most mornings it's afternoon before I actually attempt getting dressed. She is currently chewing on an ink pen while I type. *great* parenting!!!!

I hope that we can find ourselves together. Thanks for stopping by.