Monday, February 3, 2014

Super Healing Salve

I have a 2 year old and an 8 year old, plus a husband who loves to be out in the woods. We are constantly in need of this super healing salve. We use it for just about anything that happens to our skin!  I like the fact that I can control the ingredients; nothing sneaky in here! I also like that if I run out, it's only a little bit of time until I have a fresh supply.

Here's how you can make some for your family:

Step 1: Assemble your ingredients. You'll need 2 TBSP comfrey-infused oil, 2 TBSP calendula-infused oil. If you've never done an infusion of herbs into oil, here's how I do it {Herb-Infused Oil}, 1/4 cup of coconut oil {Virgin Coconut Oil} and 1 ounce of beeswax. You will also need the following equipment: a jar or other glass container you'd like to keep your salve in, a sauce pan, something to stir with {I use a glass stirring rod} and your choice of skin-healing essential oils.

Step 2:  You'll want to place the empty glass container into the saucepan and put water into the pan so it comes about 1/2 way up on the glass container. Then, place the herb-infused oils, coconut oil and beeswax into the container you chose. Bring the water to a simmer, then turn it down to low.  Heat gently until this is melted, stirring occasionally to encourage the beeswax to melt.
***please note: do not turn your burner on above a 2 or 3 (medium low heat) I had a jar get too hot and crack and I had to start all over after the bottom fell out of the jar!***

Step 3: Once everything is melted in your jar, remove it from the pan. Please use caution as the glass is now very hot & can burn! Place the jar onto a level surface which is protected from the heat. At this time you will stir in your essential oils, if you choose to use them. You can safely use up to 40 drops of essential oil, total, in this salve recipe. That ensures the ratio of essential oil remains at 1%. You can choose how many drops of each you'd like to put into your salve.

Step 4: Place the lid on your salve container. This ensures that while the salve is cooling the essential oils do not vaporize and escape the container. Keeping the lid in place and undisturbed also ensures a nice smooth surface once it's cooled.
***note in this photo you can see some beeswax that didn't melt all the way, if you have more patience than I do you can get the beeswax to melt completely. I got antsy and pulled it off the heat early***

Step 5: Use your salve! We use this for diaper rash, cuts and scraps, a bit of sunburn, wind burn, dry hands, on the cuticles, the list is endless!

Are you interested in learning more about herbs? I am planning to enroll in this course very soon The Herbal Academy of New England Intermediate Herbal Course Won't you join me?

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