Thursday, January 9, 2014

My Birthday wish...

Well folks, here it is. The day I do NOT look forward to all year. It's the day where the clock moves forward and we flip the page of a new year & I turn another year older. The march of time is a funny thing. Somewhere around the third grade I did a science experiment on perpetual motion. I built a lego tower and suspended a ball from a string. Swing the ball from side to side and eventually it winds down to a stop. Well, I think time is truly the only perpetual motion - it never stops.

Another few grey hairs. Is that a wrinkle there next to my eye? If I have to sing the ABC song one more time.... WAIT. Isn't that just what life is? A series of events that we weave together with the help of other to create the fabric of our lives. It's a beautiful tapestry filled with happiness, sadness, funny moments, frustrating moments and sobering reminders that our lives here on this Earth are fleeting. It's a simple reminder every year as we celebrate the day of our births that we should cherish each and every moment. Each sweet second of life is a gift.

With that in mind I will cherish (instead of curse) the nuclear meltdown that my 2 year old had in the library today while my oldest daughter tried to learn to crochet. I will laugh off the fact that my 8 year old listed a series of 10 things she loves about me, one of which included her undying devotion because I am the one who changes her baby sisters diaper. I will revel in the hand drawn cards and the last minute breakfast in bed. For each one of these moments goes by in a blink.




Your life can pass you by if your not careful! Will you join me today in celebrating life? It's an amazing journey. Enjoy it. xoxo

God Bless from my (im)perfect mess...

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