Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Never stop learning!

Well, school is back in session for the oldest of the Smith kids! We had a great summer full of camping trips and outside fun with friends. Also there were some sad points in saying "so long" to friends who have moved on to new places...but that's the life of a military family!

Elizabeth happily went off to the third grade and we seem to  be settling into a new routine. This year she will be learning cursive and she is totally excited about it! She's an awesome reader and is working hard to memorize her math facts. It's a promising start to the year.

Ophelia blissfully sleeps through the hustle and bustle of the morning and we spend a few hours playing until nap time. Lots of shapes, colors and letters. She loves to flip through her tiny board books and is signing at a rapid clip. Some signs are her own creation that take a few times for her poor parents to catch on.  I love the look that says "Gee mom, don't you get what I am saying?"

Then it's my turn to get the house in shape and take on my own learning adventure.

See, I decided to undertake an aromatherapy certification course. Last time you'll remember I wrote about our success with using essential oils to compliment the things we've been doing to help Elizabeth in her journey through ADHD. I have seen such amazing results with her and learned so much, but there is so much MORE. The course I am taking through Aromahead www.aromahead.com is simply amazing. A great format and easy to navigate! I started taking the Anatomy & Physiology section a few weeks ago. Once I finished all the lessons I took the exam...and passed! Now it's onto the fun stuff. The chemistry, the oils themselves. So far I have created a variety of products for my family and some friends. Aromatherapy is so much more than just good smelling stuff.


I haven't stopped learning. What about you?

As always, God Bless from my (im)perfect mess....

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